Between 1979-1984 he studied at Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty and graduated from Trakya University.
Following his compulsory service, he returned to Istanbul and worked as an emergency service physician at American Hospital between 1988-1992.
Dr. Levent later went to Toronto, Canada for some time to receive practical training in the field of aesthetic medicine. Later, he acquired experience on mesotherapy and skin treatment techniques working with medical experts in Paris. Dr. Levent, who closely monitors all innovations on-site to develop his professional field of knowledge and vision, opened in 1994 DERMAMED Medical Aesthetics Center in Etiler and started displaying his knowledge accumulation in the field of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Levent, by opening in turn Kızıltoprak, Bakırköy, Çorlu, Bahçeşehir, Maçka and Kemerburgaz branch offices, became a well-established and trustworthy name in this field.
DERMAMED, founded by Dr. Levent in 1994, today with its 7 branch offices is one of the most reliable and experienced addresses where you can find the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine. Monitoring the latest developments in the world and their accurate application is the most essential principle of DERMAMED, which also values pleasant service as one of its standards. You can benefit from all of the possibilities emerging medicine offers in DERMAMED where you will receive treatment in supervision of our experienced staff composed of doctors and aestheticians.