The supporting of skin with fillings is a very practical method of regulating sagging and wrinkles that occurs because of a loss of skin elasticity due to external factors like time, our genetical program, smoking, diet and the sun. That is, what is missing is replaced with filling. These take place with collagen, hyaluronic acid, fat and tissue injections. Lately, we prefer a product named “Hyaluronicacid”, which is a primary component of human tissue, produced from cockscomb or bacteria in laboratory, and almost show no allergenic traits (a few allergies have been reported).Its most important advantages are its ability to be shaped even after the operation, to be able to see the result immediately, recovery in short time, to be able to make corrections with reapplications. Its effective time is about 6-12 months. This depends on the quality of the product and the person’s enzymatic activity; this time can be prolonged with frequent reapplications. Hyluronicacid’s water binding ability would create positive effects on skin’s health. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Surgiderm, Reviderm, Esthelis, Teosyal are temporary hyluronicacid brands that we most frequently use. These brands also have products with different concentrations; thin, medium, thick. Your doctor will chose which one is right for you based on his/her experience. Permanent products are; liquid silicon, methacrylate group: Aquamid, Bioalcamid, Artecoll. Because these permanent fillings usually require taking various risks for the future, they are not recommended in our centers.