We use two different radio frequency methods: Thermaclinic and Regen

In THERMACLINIC, unique AMFLI (Automatic Multi- Frequency & Low Impedance RF) technology and radio frequency wave’s selective heat effect have been used together. With the system the skin’s collagen formation is stimulated. In this way, the persons who are treated acquire a more vitalized appearance.

In THERMACLINIC, Bi-polar head sends the energy of radio frequency waves to the area of application. The RF head transmits the high current it produces to the skin with the advantage of AMFLI technology without pain.

As a result of the painless and reliable application of THERMACLINIC system, positive effects about the wrinkles on the skin and the firming up of the skin have been clinically proven.

With THERMACLINIC AMFLI technology, the skin firms up in a short time and the face oval is stands out. The skin begins new collagen stimulation and a natural firming up and skin quality is achieved. Both men and women can benefit from this application.

You can retrieve the young and beautiful appearance you had many years before with a firmed up skin through THERMACLINIC applications.