Laser light is packs of beam that travel on the same direction at a particular wave length independent from each other. This beam of rays with the use of laser devices are dropped onto the skin with various mirror effects and the heat energy that comes out affects the hair. Melanin (the substance that gives the skin and hair its color) contained in active hairs is picked up by the laser and the hair that absorbs the light, serving as a conductor, transmits light energy which has turned into heat, down to the roots of the hair. The goal is to destroy the hair and the cells that feed it, and thereby completely eradicate or reduce hair production to a minimum.

Laser devices display variety based on wave-lengths. At Dermamed Beauty Clinics, 3 different lasers are used chosen according to the patients skin color and hair type. These are Alexandrite ( 755 nm ), NdYag( 1064 nm ), diod ( 810 nm ) lasers whose effectiveness in epilation treatment has been proven all over the world. As the wave length of light decreases, its sensitivity to melanin, which gives hair its color, increases. Therefore, lasers with low wave-lengths yield very successful results with dark colored hair. Because sensitivity to melanin substance is lower in lasers with high wave lengths, a safe treatment probability is high even in summer months with bronzed skin.

Laser epilation treatment, which is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted hair, is a less painful and faster method that yields satisfactory results when compared with other methods. Although the length of laser treatments and application frequency varies from person to person, the average for women is 4 to 8 and 6 to 8 sessions for men. Except for hormonal problems and cases where the root of the hair is stimulated excessively, treatment periods do not exceed these times. Although rare, there are cases where there was no permanent hair loss, the cause of which could not be determined, and where the number of session have exceeded greatly.

For women, the areas which reply to treatment the fastest can be listed as; bikini area, genital area, armpits, lower legs, belly and arms. For men, the areas mostly preferred which yield the best results are back, chest, ears, between the eyebrows, cheeks, back of the neck and neck. After the start of treatment, operations that affect hair roots, like threading, waxing or tweezers, should not be performed. Laser operations can be performed on whole body, except for the eye sockets.