Mesotherapy (with & without needles)

We are talking about what foreigners refer to as “lunch-time treatment”, about simple treatments where one can return to work without any injuries. By making our tissues feel as if they were injured without actually injuring them with the technologies we use, the body’s natural “injury renewal” mechanism is stimulated. To achieve this, using the technologies we have appropriately is sufficient.

The fastest and best healing organ of the human body is the “face”. As a result of this healing, spots lessen, pores get smaller, wrinkles diminish, capillary vessels decrease, sagging disappears skin tightens. Although the success of treatment varies from person to person, we observe about 30 – 60 % positive change in all people we applied this operation.

If treatments are repeated 3-4 times on a once in a month basis, the results will yield much faster and be more permanent because the stimulation of skin would be enhanced. A very important reminder is that collagen production and other renewals would only become observable 2-3 months later. Although this active productive period lasts for about 2 years, we recommend the reapplication of treatment once a year.

At DERMAMED Beauty Centers, we carry out skin rejuvenation treatments using MedLite and GentleYAG laser, Blue Light (PPX), Accent, ThermaClinic (Radiofrequency) devices; customized special programs are carried out using peelings, vitamin injections, skincare and skin treatments using dermacosmetic products.